UNIEURO stores offer the best brands to improve your quality of life, make your dreams come true, increase comfort in the home, make day to day activities easier and offer opportunities for relaxation and entertainment.

The Group’s large stock is divided into six main categories:
· Brown: audio and video products
· White: large household appliances like free-standing and built-in washing machines, dishwashers and fridges.
· Computer equipment
· Telephones (Landline and mobile)
· Home Entertainment (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and Video Games)
· SHA: Small household appliances used in various areas of the home and for personal hygiene.

These six main categories are also joined by a wide range of Wedding Gifts and Presents, a service that has long had a great deal of success, thanks to over 50 prestigious brands and a great range of styles on offer, from classic and elegant to fun and contemporary.

The Group’s sales are supported by a vast range of services such as
· Payment in instalments
· Home delivery and installation
· Purchasing advice
· Extended guarantees on selected products

Designed according to ideal architecture, with the most modern merchandising and display techniques, the furnishings and displays in the store make it a pleasant and easy environment to visit for clients, and enhances products and product visibility.

UNIEURO stores make not only your purchase, but also browsing and choosing, a pleasant, satisfying experience.