Kry’s parrucchieri

FEELING PARRUCCHIERI: “WE CARE FOR YOUR BEAUTY”. This is the slogan that distinguishes our staff of hairdressers in Jesolo.

Created in the inland area, with twenty years of experience, but developed together with staff from surrounding provinces, FEELING PARRUCCHIERI arrived in Jesolo in June 2008 in the new Laguna Shopping Centre and officially opened the same day as the Centre was inaugurated.

It offers a modern and extremely welcoming environment, an avant-garde structure, gentle music and a delightful view for clients who want a few hours of relaxation and pampering on our innovative chairs with Shiatsu massage.

Our staff, who are trained in trichology, will be happy to offer you in-depth and little known information on the rules of scalp hygiene, including analysis using a professional micro-camera.

The salon is open all day, all year round. Appointments preferred.